What Happens if You Don’t Like the Offer?

What happens if you don’t like the personal injury settlement or car wreck settlement offer?

In almost every personal injury or car wreck case, there is going to be a disagreement between you and the at-fault person’s insurance company regarding fault or the value of your claim. Your lawyer will need to submit a detailed demand package to the insurance company or at-fault company and engage in lengthy negotiations to maximize your automobile accident/or personal injury case value.

You never must agree with what the other side is offering you. You can always file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent person or company that you believe injured you. However, be aware of what happens if you file a personal injury lawsuit. The defendant holds the right to make you answer written questions called interrogatories, produce documents, and even submit to an independent medical examination by the defendant’s physician. As a result, going to trial can be a difficult process. This is why you need experienced attorneys such as Dennis and King to help you with your personal injury or car wreck case.

When trying to decide if you need to pursue your case, you should ask if you have recovered all of your losses from your personal injury or car wreck. Many times, you have medical payment coverage attached to your own automobile policy to take care of some of your injury-related bills. (Find out what “med-pay” is.) You might even possess health insurance to cover your collision-related care.

Unfortunately, “med pay” almost never pays for all of your collision-related or personal injury care. Even if your health insurance picks up the tab, “out-of-pocket” co-pays and deductibles remain. Additionally, med-pay and health insurance never cover lost wages resulting from the injuries you sustained.

Finally, if you are seriously injured, only by pursuing a personal injury claim can you ever recover “pain and suffering” as well as the loss of quality of life. These losses represent significant damages in any personal injury or car wreck claim.

In deciding to pursue your claim, you must determine the strength of your case. This is the most important part of analyzing your car wreck or personal injury claim. You have to be able to prove that, more likely than not, the person or company you say hurt you hold legal responsibility for causing your accident and the accident caused your injury.

If it is not clear that the other party caused your injury, you may have an uphill climb recovering damages for your injuries. This is especially true if you also are at some fault for the accident that caused your injuries.

At Dennis and King we always are happy to discuss your claim with you and help you determine whether pursuing your claim is worthwhile. For a free consultation, call us today at 423-892-5533

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