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Using Themes to Persuade a Jury – Part II

Using Themes to Persuade a Jury – Part II

More On The Importance Of Your Case Having A Theme

I previous discussed the important of having a theme of the case, How To Make Sure Your Lawyer Has A Theme Of The Case – Part 1

In this article, I will talk about how themes help the jury understand your case.

A Jury Trial Should Be Replete With Temes Created For The Purpose Of Enabling A Better Understanding Of All Aspects Of The Case

Themes for liability damages and jury motivation are essential, as well as a theme for a witness is important.
The Plaintiff’s theme may be that “he is horribly injured, but does not give up”; “She did what was right, only to be wronged”; or “the Plaintiff was a hard-working man who only followed orders.”

A Theme That Reframes The Jurors’ Blame Response May Enhance Damages.

For instance, you should focus the jury on the personal responsibility and accountability of the defendant for his, her or its act. For instance, in a Tennessee or Georgia car wreck case, portraying the plaintiff as a family man on his way to work and his lawyer as an advocate for him and his family will keep the jurors from believing that they are dealing with some “victim” looking for a payday and his greedy lawyer.

Develop A Theme That Empowers The Jury

Empowering the jury is important because you want the individual jurors to take their role seriously and you want mutual respect between the juror and you. Your lawyer should stress they are the “judges” of the facts and the conscience of the community who can right a wrong.
One way to empower a jury is to tap into the jurors’ value systems: all people should be treated justly and fairly; truth is admirable and falsehood is despicable; hard work, industry and thrift are proper ways to success.

Use Vivid Language With The Juror

You and your lawyer should always use vivid, impactive words in front of the jury. What does that mean? Use “collision” instead of “accident”. A bone is crushed or pulverized rather than incurring a compound fracture. The car roars over the hill rather than cresting the incline.

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