Would You Hire a Law Firm from a TV Ad?

While watching your favorite TV program, you see an ad for an accident attorney appear during the commercials. This attorney’s ad occurs during your shows on a weekly basis. If the ad is effective, the firm’s name is now one with which you are familiar.

An incident or accident occurs and now you are in need of legal advice. Maybe a family member’s death occurred or you are permanently injured and incapable of living the life to which you are accustomed because of someone else’s negligence.

In all likelihood, you do not personally know an attorney, nor do you know someone who can refer you to a trusted attorney. However, you do know the firm you see on the television weekly during your show. Why not give them a call? You’ve got nothing to lose by calling for a free consultation.

You decide to call.

You are connected to an operator. They take your contact information and a brief explanation of your case. They will subsequently connect you to an attorney immediately or promise you a callback.

Before you jump the gun to sign that legal retainer, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How are you different from the other ten lawyer ads I saw before and after your ad? You all say the same thing. You all say “call me now,” but never tell me why each of you are different.
  • Is the attorney I meet with in the office the same one I see on television or are you going to stick me with an inexperienced lawyer or paralegal?
  • Is the attorney I meet with the same one who will be handling my case on a day to day basis?
  • Who will handle my case day-to-day? Is this person a paralegal, case manager or a real practicing attorney?
  • If I sign with your firm, is the initial attorney I meet with the same one who is with me at my deposition?
  • Will the attorney who is at my deposition try my case in court?
  • How many cases does your firm handle in total?
  • How many cases does each attorney handle at one time?
  • How often do you keep in touch with me?
  • Do I have to track down the attorney to find out what is going on with my case or does she send me frequent updates?
  • Will you pay all the expenses on my case, including medical experts for trial, or are you going to tell me that I am responsible?
  • In the past year, how much in settlements did your firm generate from my exact type of case?
  • In the past year, how much in attorneys’ fees did your firm generate from my exact type of case?

No matter how you ended up contacting the firm of your choice, make sure you are asking these questions! Your case deserves fair and expert advice from the very beginning.

At Dennis and King Law, we pride ourselves on answering these questions. We want to be the familiar name and face you remember when in need of legal advice. TV marketing only allows thirty seconds for an attorney to convey their message. You need more time than that to make a possibly life-changing decision!

Call Dennis and King Law. Ask us these questions. We know you will like our answers.

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