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What Are Punitive Damages?

What Are Punitive Damages? By the Dennis and King Law Firm In Chattanooga, TN In some personal injury cases, a jury may award the injured person punitive damages. The judge will instruct the jury to award punitive damages if the jury finds the defendant’s behavior exceptionally malicious or reckless. Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages are intended to […]

What Does a Personal Injury Complaint Look Like?

What Does a Personal Injury Complaint Look Like? A personal injury complaint is a formal notice to the defendant that the injured person, or complainant, intends to seek damages for the harm the defendant allegedly caused. A personal injury complaint kicks off the lawsuit of an injured person. It is comprised of multiple paragraphs, each […]

What is Gross Negligence?

What is Gross Negligence? By the Dennis and King Law Firm In Chattanooga, TN Gross negligence refers to behavior that demonstrates a conscious disregard or indifference for the safety, life or rights of others. It differs from ordinary negligence, which is defined as “a violation of a general duty to behave with reasonable care.” Instead, […]

When Are Expert Witnesses Used?

When Are Expert Witnesses Used? By Dennis and King Law in Chattanooga, TN. An expert witness is used when scientific, technical or specialized testimony helps a jury understand the evidence or resolve a disputed issue. What Are the Required Qualifications of Expert Witnesses? The Tennessee or Georgia Rules of Evidence do not spell out specific […]

What Is a Civil Lawsuit?

What Is a Civil Lawsuit? Generally speaking, a civil lawsuit starts a process in a court of law. The kind of civil lawsuits handled by Dennis and King involve our firm representing an injured person seeking to hold a negligent person responsible for harming or wronging them. When we successfully represent a client in a […]

Car Wreck Damages 𑁋 Economic and Non-Economic Damages

Car Wreck Damages 𑁋 Economic and Non-Economic Damages Economic damages, or “specific” damages, compensate the injured victim or “plaintiff” for his or her measurable and actual losses. Economic damages include: Lost earnings; Compensation for medical expenses, past or future; Lost business opportunities as a result of the injuries suffered; Costs associated with repairing or replacing […]