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All About Rear-End Accident Claims & Injury Compensation

All About Rear-End Accident Claims & Injury Compensation by Dennis and King Law in Chattanooga, TN Who pays for injuries after a rear-end auto accident? Following is some important information to know in order to get fair compensation from the insurance company. Rear-end collisions injure more than 556,000 people annually. It is important to know […]

What Is a Deposition?  How is One Given?

A deposition is simply sworn testimony that a witness gives outside of a courtroom. Usually, a deposition consists of one or both of the parties’ lawyers asking questions in front of each other and a court reporter. Lawyers from each side obtain depositions of witnesses during the discovery phase of a civil trial. What is […]

How to Properly Handle A Fender Bender

MINOR CAR ACCIDENT CLAIMS: HOW TO HANDLE A FENDER BENDER Minor car accidents happen every day. Here is what is important to know for financial protection after a fender-bender. With luck, any collision experienced is minor. Fender-benders are the most common car accidents, usually involving vehicle damages and no reported injuries. Even minor accidents are […]

What Is Discovery

What Is Discovery by Dennis and King Law Firm in Chattanooga, TN. Discovery comes before a trial and is a part of a civil case where both sides try to “discover” what the other side knows about the case or about the other side’s history. If a suit is filed, discovery is both crucial as […]

What Are Punitive Damages?

What Are Punitive Damages? By the Dennis and King Law Firm In Chattanooga, TN In some personal injury cases, a jury may award the injured person punitive damages. The judge will instruct the jury to award punitive damages if the jury finds the defendant’s behavior exceptionally malicious or reckless. Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages are intended to […]